Knight of Tiamat, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

***NOTE: This poem has disturbing imagery of male rape. We don’t often publish these kind of pieces, but in this case, the artistry and mastery of the verse spoke to us, as did the story it tells from the victim point of view; a desire for vengeance. 

Child of Tartarus, stand! I rebuke your rule,
Your proven mastery over these halls.
To this Hell before have I fallen,
Shattered woe, bane and doom entire.
Labyrinth complete my feet did drag.
Having heard loathsome shadows fall.

No claw needed for rape of innocence
Odin’s wisdom gained, pure eye taken
And that done three years shy of ten
Let us paint once again the loss of hope
With coarse brushes of hair and bone
Stripped from still screaming men.

I am not cruel, seeking not to bring pain,
Except where the cruel have taught me.
No longer who then was I. Now, not even I.
Stand pass that I walk again dread halls.
Enduring your claws, your bloody kiss,
Wicked hungers awakened within me.

Testicles again hanging, take my own as well.
Make of them yet again a hell-spawned toy,
Bounce apart-together moaning, dark-wicked.
Remember you, echoed forgiveness calling.
Your love broke me then, but cannot now,
Then I but a fragile, helpless child of Joy.

Time now I return to you, refusing lies,
No apology, going not meekly without fight.
Not alone this fall take I, but you and memory.
By twisting blade in gut, and payment long due.
Can you see? Know you that from thy gift,
Father, I can no longer believe in light.

BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow has been a poet, writer, artist and photographer since 1978 He grew up in rural Ohio, lived much of his adult life in the desserts of Colorado and Arizona and lives on a 400 yo farm in Sweden.. He writes about Native American & Viking history, lots of speculative fiction, Child Abuse, Mental Illness and Spirituality. He loves donating works to animal charity anthologies and publications that don’t pay, but give people who live to write and write to live a place to share it. You can find him at

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