Victim 392, by K.B. Elijah

My therapist perched in her chair as I lounged in mine: hands on her lap, professionalism wrapped up in one gorgeous red-headed package.

“May I speak freely?”

She nodded encouragingly. “That’s why you’re here.”

“You remind me of the three-hundredth and ninety-second person I killed,” I murmured, watching her pulse beat at her throat underneath those auburn curls. Noting with gratification how it intensified at my words.

“Oh?” Her throat was dry; carelessly she licked her lips, that delicate tongue of hers briefly darting out. “How…how many have you killed?”

My fangs slid from my mouth with a snarl. “391.”

K.B. Elijah is a fantasy author living in Brisbane, Australia with her husband and two cockatiels. A lawyer by day, and a writer by…also day, because she needs her solid nine hours of sleep per night (not that the cockatiels let her sleep past 6am). She believes that if writing and reading aren’t fun, then something has gone wrong.

Her anthology of short fantasy stories with twists, The Empty Sky, is available on paperback and Kindle now at, while her contributions to the creepy collection of Brisbane-authored drabbles known as Sideshow Alley releases next month (

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