Call for Submissions


The Speculative Poetry Issue. Poetry (up to 50 lines). I have been getting into a lot of poetry lately. So, I decided for the first new issue back will be a poetry issue. So, send me your poems about space, time, werewolves, dragons, darkness, demons, anything speculative (meaning science fiction, fantasy, and horror.) Send no more than 5 poems and send in one document please, one poem per page. The verse should be single spaced. Rhyming is fine. Send me an epic space sonnet, if you like. Reprints are fine, as long as you, the poet, has rights reverted back to you. Please mention in your email if your poems are original or reprints. DEADLINE: November 30th, 2016.

The Mythos Planet: Lovecraft Insired Sci-Fi Terror–Drabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), Short Stories (1001-2000 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines).  I want to see Lovecraftian monsters of your own making here, but you can give me some new takes on the Old Ones, if you like, but make it fresh. Make Cthulhu interesting as well as terrifying. Show a different side to Nyarlathotep. But do give us some new creatures…either some New Old Ones or some Brand New Ones. Or a battle of Old Ones vs. New Ones.  As for your settings, as the theme title suggests, I’d really like to see these stories set on other worlds. Earth is okay, too, but a futuristic tale of humans in space where one of our favorite Old Ones stowed away aboard the ship, or our new home is already occupied by something terrifying and hungry. Those kind of stories, told well, will find a place in this issue. Deadline: February 28th, 2017.

Outskirts: Suburban and Rural Legends—Drabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines). I’m not accepting anything longer than flash (1000 words) or 50 lines of poetry for this one. May consider up to 2000 words, but query me first. DEADLINE: May 31st, 2017. 


Hunter’s Moon: Werewolves, Vampires, and other Denizens of the Dark—Details/Deadline TBD

Birds of Dark Feather, Flocking Together, TBD.

PhotoFlash: Photo Prompt Based Flash Fiction, TBD.

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