Call for Submissions


Open Calls for Submissions:

The Mythos Planet: Lovecraft Insired Sci-Fi Terror–Drabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), Short Stories (1001-2000 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines).  I want to see Lovecraftian monsters of your own making here, but you can give me some new takes on the Old Ones, if you like, but make it fresh. Make Cthulhu interesting as well as terrifying. Show a different side to Nyarlathotep. But do give us some new creatures…either some New Old Ones or some Brand New Ones. Or a battle of Old Ones vs. New Ones.  As for your settings, as the theme title suggests, I’d really like to see these stories set on other worlds. Earth is okay, too, but a futuristic tale of humans in space where one of our favorite Old Ones stowed away aboard the ship, or our new home is already occupied by something terrifying and hungry. Those kind of stories, told well, will find a place in this issue. Deadline Extended to May 31st, 2017.

Outskirts: Suburban and Rural Legends—Drabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines). I’m not accepting anything longer than flash (1000 words) or 50 lines of poetry for this one. May consider up to 2000 words, but query me first. Give me your best backyard or basement creepers, neighborhood terrors in the night, and the country roads to nowhere. DEADLINE: September 30th, 2017. 

Hunter’s Moon: Werewolves, Vampires, and other Denizens of the DarkDrabbles (100 words), Micro-Fiction (101-750 words), Flash (751-1000 words), and Poetry (up to 50 lines). Just like it says on the tin. Cool, creepy creatures or children of the dark. DEADLINE: December 30th, 2017.

PhotoFlash: Photo Prompt Based Flash Fiction—All Flash Stories (1000 words). Deadline remains to be determined, but I will start accepting stories and queries for this soon. Basically, the deal with this issue will be as follows. I’m going to create a temporary page to feature images that writers may use for story prompts. Please email me with your idea, an outline, or a BRIEF synopsis of what you have in mind for that story. It doesn’t have to be much. “This image has inspired me to write a flash story about a vampire that has to go to the dentist.” Something like that, even in one sentence could grab me and make me say, “GO FOR IT!” Contact me as soon as you can when you pick an image. You can only choose ONE image per story. Once I’ve okayed a writer to write the story using the image prompt, I will remove that image from the page. I’m looking to publish about 10-14 stories with this one. More, if there is enough interest. First come, first serve on the image prompts. The issue will be fulfilled once I have all the stories submitted. Former contributors are definitely encouraged to submit to this.  

Upcoming Themes:

Mostly Harmful, Sort Of, Something Something 42 : A Science Fiction/Fantasy Humor Tribute to Douglas Adams, TBD

Birds of Dark Feather, Flocking Together, TBD.

SuperFreak: Freakpunk 2, TBD (possibly a contest issue). 

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