Issue #19: Speculative Poetry


We received a humongous amount of fantastic poetry submissions. Not all of the poems made the cut for the issue, but a good many were too good to pass up on. So as a result, this will be the largest volume ever published by The Were-Traveler.

This issue contains poetry from newcomers and seasoned, award-winning poets alike. There’s everything from old myths to new ones, from serious to humorous verse, and, like true speculative writing, fabulous blends of fantasy, science fiction and horror. There’s something for every fan of spec-genre poetry to enjoy.

Authors, please check out our Calls For Submissions page for upcoming themes. You can send your work to any issue that has a deadline posted.

There’s nothing else to say, except I hope you enjoy these fabulous poems.

Happy Holidays from The Traveler!

M.X. Kelly, editor/publisher

Issue #19: Speculative Poetry

  1. Con(temporary) Muse, by Tonya Eberhart

  2. After Receiving the Super Power of My Choice, by James J. Stevenson

  3. When Coyote Called Down the Stars, by Aaron Vlek

  4. Brighid, by Mary Soon Lee

  5. Requiem for E.A.P., by Notty Bumbo

  6. Old Girlfriends from Across the Universe, by John Grey

  7. Tombstone Tabby, by Mark Antony Rossi

  8. Gotterdammerung, by Ed Ahern

  9. Demon Fire, by Mary Soon Lee

  10. Crying Over Spilt Milk, by J.J. Steinfeld

  11. Heresy, by Tonya Eberhart

  12. Finish the Job, by J.A. Grier

  13. Princess Takane and the Raven, by James J. Stevenson

  14. Liar, by E. F. Schraeder

  15. Divination, by Tonya Eberhart

  16. Theda Bara, by Melinda Giordano

  17. Rules, by Ed Ahern

  18. Hard-forked, by Matthew Harrison

  19. Only When the Moon Wanes Can Rapunzel Sleep, by Tonya Eberhart

  20. Necromancer, by Mary Soon Lee

  21. Poetry Robot, by James J. Stevenson

  22. Tsunami, by Mark Antony Rossi

  23. The Whisperers, by E. F. Schraeder

  24. Richard Feynman’s Commute, by Jon Wesick

  25. Elvira Tired, by Ed Coletti

  26. Art of Becoming Invisible, by J.J. Steinfeld

  27. In Our Secret Cove, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

  28. The Secret, by Melinda Giordano

  29. The Nerve, by E. F. Schraeder

  30. Planting the Flag, by John Grey

  31. The Jeweled Net of John Stewart Bell, by Jon Wesick

  32. Roof Walkers, by Aaron Vlek

  33. The Adoration, by Ed Ahern

  34. Vengeance, by Mary Soon Lee

  35. Sidewalk Ghouls, by Richard Stevenson

  36. Shadows Come Alive, by Mark Antony Rossi

  37. What it signifies, by Ed Coletti

  38. Five Horror Haiku, by Denny Marshall

  39. Token of Affection, by  J.A. Grier

  40. A Frightening Metaphysical Puzzle, by J.J. Steinfeld

  41. Coyote’s Ancient Tail, by Aaron Vlek

  42. Before, by E. F. Schraeder

  43. Catherine wheel, by Melinda Giordano

  44. 8 Minutes of Sunlight, by James J. Stevenson

  45. Becoming, by Raven Starr

  46. The Electron Ponders, by Jon Wesick

  47. Have You Any News for Me? by J.J. Steinfeld

  48. Pantoum of Hairy Hands, by Richard Stevenson

  49. The Changeling, by Melinda Giordano

  50. Five Sci-Fi Haiku, by Denny Marshall

  51. The Storm Walker, by Ed Ahern

  52. The Perfect Poem … Tribute, by J.A. Grier

  53. Knight of Tiamat, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

  54. Theoriticus, by Aaron Vlek

  55. Solitary Nocturne, by Ed Ahern

  56. Truth and Beauty, by Jon Wesick

  57. An Ersatz Heaven Then a Genuine Hell, by J.J. Steinfeld

  58. My Wedding,  by Melinda Giordano

  59. Brown Recluse Obsession, by Ed Coletti

  60. Shadow Boxing, by Richard Stevenson

  61. Planet Names, by Denny Marshall

  62. Monsters, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

  63. Too tough, by Matthew Harrison

  64. A Poet is a Vampire, by James J. Stevenson

  65. Ratcatcher, by Ed Coletti

  66. A Man in Darkness, by John Grey

  67. White. Ghosts., by Tonya Eberhart

  68. Flight School, by J.A. Grier

  69. Returning, by Mary Soon Lee

  70. Absolute Zero, by Jon Wesick

  71. End of the Rope, by E. F. Schraeder

Images courtesy of Pixabay with the exception of the images used for “Theda Bara” and “Brown Recluse Obsession” which are in the public domain.



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