A Drabble is an art form beloved by many. It’s a one-hundred word story. Fiction condensed to the bare essentials. Here’s an example of a drabble I wrote to honor some of my favorite authors:

Cosmic Chicken Inn

by Maria Kelly

Everyone knows that Cosmic Chicken Inn has the best eats anywhere.

They’re located 42 AU away on Rigel 7, but worth the wait. I logged in to place my order, waiting for the wireless ansible to connect.

“Cosmic Chicken Inn, this is Zephod. Pick up or delivery?”

“Delivery. I’d like two Buckets o’ Birds, four Waznian Lizard Sticks, a side of Hashisha Slaw and a glazed donut,” I said, transmitting my coordinates.

“Don’t forget. Hang a right at the Oort Cloud,” I added.

“It’ll be about two hours,” replied Zephod.

“Two hours? I hope you don’t break the speed limit.”


In case you’re unsure whether or not your drabble contains 100 words, please check using this online word count widget: Scribendi Word Count Tool. I will be using this widget to make sure your drabbles make the word count. If they don’t, they won’t be published. Drabble enthusiasts are serious about word count, and this is one of the most reliable counters I’ve found.

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