Monthly Archives: September 2011

Are we f**king there yet?

Just a few more tweaks and this bitch will be up and running! FTW! I’ve actually got my first story submission in. Sweet!

I’m excited..and nervous about hosting an e-zine. Excited because I can’t wait to see all the wonderful stories that come pouring in for submissions.

Nervous because I’m the type of person who has trouble saying “no” and I’ll obviously have to say “no” to some probably very wonderful pieces for one reason or another.

Please don’t take it personally.

And keep submitting. That goes for any publication. Only stop submitting to a publication if they actually send you a “Please don’t submit here anymore or we will fucking hire a hit man to kill you” rejection letter.

Then I’d think about not submitting to that publication again.

I said I’d think about it. A writer’s got to have balls.