PhotoFlash Issue #1

UPDATE: The first PhotoFlash issue is now CLOSED FOR QUERIES/SUBMISSIONS. 13 great ideas were received, and so, that’s the number we’re going to go with for the first photo prompt issue. 

The following are images to be used as prompts for the upcoming PhotoFlash fiction issue.

I’m debating about making this issue the yearly contest issue, or trying to pay all the authors a little something for this one…sorry to say it might not be much.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Authors, peruse this gallery of images.
  2. Find one image that resonates with the speculative fiction author inside you, that gets your Muse jumping for glory!
  3. Send me an email to telling me which image you have chosen and briefly tell me your story idea. It can be a short outline, or a paragraph or two, or a couple of lines. It shouldn’t be too long since the stories themselves will only be 1000 words.
  4. The green light from me to begin. I’m going to be picky for this one, but not too picky. Still, you’ll only get a “no” from me if the idea is a) fanfic; b) your synopsis is poorly written; or c) your story idea may be offensive to a reader.
  5. If a green light is given for a particular image, that image will be removed from the gallery.
  6. Write your story. Flash stories are 751-1000 words. No poetry for this one. Sorry.
  7. Send in your story. Please send in Word doc. format. If you don’t have word, you can paste your story into the body of the email.
  8. Please include a short bio.
  9. Edits, if necessary
  10. Publication

Please send any questions to

I’m looking to publish a short issue for this one, about 10-to-15 stories. My general hope is that I can afford to pay all authors something for this one, even if it is just five bucks. Thus, the pickiness.


The images begin below.

The number of queries has been met for the first PhotoFlash issue. The unused images have been archived for possible later use. 


The following prompts have been chosen and authors are in the process of writing stories for them:

Creepy Metal Staircase. Photo by M.X (Maria) Kelly


Shadowy Hand. Image via Pixabay


Weird West Dinosaur. Image via Pixabay


Bird in an Empty Boat. Image by Pixabay


Stone Guardian. Image by Pixabay.


Fiery creature. Image by Pixabay


Renaissance Cos. Image by Pixabay


Teddy in the Dark. Image by Pixabay.


Ghost Echo. Image by Pixabay


Embracing Stone. Image by Pixabay


Book & Rose. Image by Pixabay.


Cosmic Force as Woman.


Gothic Grrrl.


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