Shy Heahrug, by Paulo Brito

Paparazzi Taking Photograph At Red Carpet Event

Image courtesy of © jorgophotography –

Shy Heahrug, the tallest clown midget on Earth, usually wanders around the Bridge City circus with a hand stuck in his pocket to cuddle his precious red camera, and dangling from the right ear he has a rose, from which he surgically removed petals with a gluttonous eating satisfaction. Thus, Shy Heshrug could, at first glance, be labeled as a weirdo; at a second look, we must conclude that he could have suffered from a head blow; to the third blink, nothing can be noticed – he will take a picture and the curious will be blinded by the camera flash.


BIO: Paulo Brito, he lives in Barcelos, Portugal. He writes since the age of 15 poetry and short stories as a matter of mental hygiene. Loves reading Rhys Hughes and David Soares. His influences are immense, because he was has always been a drinker of books.

BIO:  Paulo Brito, vive em Barcelos, Portugal. Ele escreve desde os 15 anos poesia e histórias curtas por uma questão de higiene mental.

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