Meat for freaks, by Mathias Jansson

It’s a carnival of steam

joy and screams

when the circus shows

its new exciting

knife throwing machine

downtown New Orleans


Come closer, come closer!

come and see, tonight all is free!

come and visit our bizarre circus team!


The crowd sits tightly packed

when the machine

with chrome and pipes and steam

starts with a roaring scream


Thousands of knives per second

a lightning of steel in the dark

a sound of chopping thunder

when the visitors falls

as sliced cucumber to the ground


Crazy clowns and fat ballerinas

filling their buckets

with bloody meat and guts

in the spotlight of the circus ring

the manager smiling satisfied

when starved people, animal and beasts

once again can feast on meat


BIO: Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and horror poet. He has been published in magazines as The Horror Zine Magazine, Dark Eclipse, Schlock, The Sirens Call, Apehlion and Trembles Horror Magazine. He has also contributed to several anthologies from Horrified Press, James Ward Kirk Fiction, Source Point Press and other publisher. Homepage: Amazon author page:

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