Issue 13: Come One, Come All! To the Southern Fried Freak Show!

Freak Show neon sign

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We’ve all been to that one local fair or carnival. You  know the one? The one where certain carnies, clowns, or ride-operators look at you that special way…like you would make a good target for the knife-throwing act…or they’d like to give you an extra special treat during the Tunnel of Terror ride? Or the special acts…like zombie performers or a funhouse you can only escape from by surviving the knife-weilding carny. And sometimes real life can be freak show, especially if you’re a weirdo married to a psycho.

I’m calling this style of story freakpunk, and I’m planning to do a general freakpunk issue in the future that doesn’t have to take place in carnival settings (imagine, a freak psycho with a funhouse in his basement) and can take place anywhere on Earth, not just in the South (and also designate other character-types besides clowns, not all carnies wear make-up and large red noses, after all). So, I’m working on a list of freakpunk elements for that future issue. Get your Muses ready for that. Meanwhile, this issue brings you face to face with the weirdness and horror of the Southern.

Is that blood on the cotton candy, ya’all?

Issue 13: Southern Fried Freak Show

Swishbone, by Stephen Kerr (micro-fic)

Clownish Delights, by Andrew Patch (flash)

Step Right Up, by Michael A. Kechula (short story)

Funhouse, by Kelly Haas Shackelford (flash fiction)

Meat for freaks, by Mathias Jansson (poem)

Protect Ya Neck, by Edward Taylor (short story)

Shy Heahrug, by Paulo Brito (drabble)

The Circus Tent, by Kerry E. B. Black  (flash)

the doom master, by Christopher Woods (poem)



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