Issue 22: Outskirts—Suburban and Rural Legends


What is that sudden movement in the mirror? Is this house haunted? Why do the neighbors look away suddenly when I ask them that question?

Monsters under the bed exist everywhere, not just in Manhattan high-rises.

Sometimes myths become rural legends, and sometimes rural legends become myths. Sometimes a dog isn’t “just a dog.” Sometimes a father is a myth. Sometimes the whisper on the air, is not just the wind, and it is trying to tell you something. When we think we are alone, well, we don’t really want to go there, do we?

What is that neighbor of mine doing, digging such a BIG hole  in his backyard? Maybe I ought to mind my own business…before I find out!


Issue 22: Outskirts—Suburban and Rural Legends


Strigoi’s Daughter (micro fic)-Ibba Armancas

The Wild Dog (flash) – Ed Ahern

A Beastly Encounter (micro fic)-Ellery D. Margay

The Gardener Next Door (poem) – John Grey

Almost 14 (micro-fic)-Kally Jo Surbeck

Bedbugs Ain’t the Problem, Kid (drabble) – BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

The Shadow Girl (micro-fic) – Fanni Sütő

Behind the Mirror (drabble) – Joshua Robinson

Ropen (poem)-Richard Stevenson


Strigoi’s Daughter-Ibba Armancas (micro-fiction)

A Beastly Encounter, by Ellery D. Margay (micro-fiction)

The Gardener Next Door, by John Grey (poem)

Ropen, by Richard Stevenson (poem).


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