Behind the Mirror, by Joshua Robinson


Image via Pixabay.

“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary…Bloody Mary.”

Nothing happened. Shocker.

Bonnie snickered, but after flicking on the light, her smile vanished. The soap was on the left side of the sink. She swore it had been on the right. And her frozen reflection, it stared at her with bulging eyes.

“Dinner, hon!”

Mom’s muffled voice. It came from inside the mirror.

Her reflection grinned; its mouth ripped at the corners. Blood dribbled down onto identical pink pyjamas as its blonde hair blackened.

“Come on, food’s getting cold.”

Other Bonnie opened the other door and left.

The original trembled behind the mirror. “M…M-Mom?”

Joshua Robinson is a writer living in London, England. He enjoys reading and writing a variety of dark short stories which are his focus. He has been published in Friday Flash Fiction. 

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