Bedbugs Ain’t the Problem, Kid, by BanWynn (Suta) Oakshadow

Every six-year-old knows that monsters live under the bed. 

Mom has to turn the night light, open the closet door all the way and turns off the closet light. It is just to make sure that the little glow in the dark nightlight in there is charged enough to keep them out. The brick goes between the bedroom door and the door jamb, so it can’t close all the way. Good night kiss, bedroom light goes out, three steps into the room and jump to the bed.

I wait. One day he will take four steps, then he is mine!


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

BanWynn Oakshadow is a hermit, hippie, experimental beat poet, speculative fiction writer, nature photographer, cultural historian, social activist, husband, adult survivor of child abuse, stroke survivor, mentally ill, agraphic, dyslexic, diabetic, gay, pagan, disabled veteran, and a Cancer with a criminal record. He tries to use every bit of that in his writing. A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, BanWynn has no degrees in eight interesting majors. He lives in Sweden with his husband and the Border collie he is training to become his agent.   

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