Status of Leftover Issues/New Site

Hello, everyone.

I have some good news.

I have decided that I will publish two final issues on the old Were-Traveler site (this one). To honor the commitments of authors I already sent acceptance to before I disappeared off the face of the earth, with illness, a cancer scare and mega stress from working three jobs with no health care benefits.

Now I’m down to working one job (not counting my freelance editing with I do in my spare time). I was just hired full-time in a new position in my public media company (YAY full-time benefits!!). I will have a bit more time to do publishing on this new site as I am going to publish less issues and less stories/poems.

I do want to finish out the year by publishing two of the issues that should have been published from 2017 onward: Hunter’s Moon and Outskirts: Suburban and Rural Legends. If I’ve accepted something from you, I’ve sent an email asking if you still want it to appear in the issue. If you sent something and I haven’t accepted yet, I still want to read your stories and I’m sending an email to you also, asking if you still want your work to appear in either of these issues.

There is still some room in Hunter’s Moon if you send before November 15th. It will be a very short issue, but it will be published.

The Mostly Harmful, Sort Of, Something Something 42 : A Science Fiction/Fantasy Humor Tribute to Douglas Adams issue is being cancelled for now, as I only received one submission for it, even when the site was active. I may resurrect it again. All of the other Up and Coming Issues have also been cancelled, with the exception of SuperFreak: Freakpunk 2, which will be the first issue on the new Traveler site. 

I thank you all for your patience in waiting for me to get well and de-stressed enough to take up this mantle of publisher again. I will ask for help next time, if things get too hard to handle.

Oh, and you’re gonna love the new Were-Traveler!

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