The Hand of God, by Abdul-Qaadir Bakari-Muhammad


“And behold in the end the truth was finally told”

(The Last Council of Cataclysmic Affairs)


Until now I never had complete dominion over the vast darkness of space. I worked amongst other entities that didn’t see the benefits of pain and struggle. They were content with being bland. And thus, for ages they shunned my creativity. Where there was a void I gave it worlds with stars that gave life to all that sought its powerful rays. Weather, soil, and water were my emissaries. Together they formed the basics of my mathematical system that were multiplied over billions of worlds. Each of them designed to bring them closer to me as they naturally progressed. This is what I promised the others as I was given a time to explain to them what was faith.

In the beginning things started out as I had planned. I was proud and joyful over my creations. I even rewarded the best of them by bestowing gifts. Due to their obedience of my laws I gave them the abilities of flight and everlasting life. This allowed them the freedom and time to visit our family throughout the vastness of the cosmos. It would take them an eternity to travel to each world, but that was intentional. I did it so they would welcome their differences with me being their common root. As for the ones who disobeyed my laws their lives were shortened. Ashes to ashes dust to dust would be their plight until they bowed in submission.

As with all experiments nothing no matter how ethereal I intended was a hundred percent. This was the agreement I made with the council. Much time had passed and my charter was considered lacking and wasteful of my better energies. I was given one more chance to prove that tending to my universe was worthy of being absence from communion. I wanted to purify the universe and make it work for all its inhabitants. However, I had a recurring glitch. What to do about humanity was constantly on my mind and the council awaited my decision or they were going to make one for me.

I wanted to erase them and start all over, but I knew the council would say no. They would consider that as prolonging the inevitable. Then by my good graces an ingenious thought came to me like a thief in the night. I concluded that humanity was an aberration. Something neither I or the council wanted to admit. The plan was simple. Allow all other species to fall and rise again; while humanity struggled with basic universal principles of freedom, justice, and equality.   Peculiarities I had come to call them. I slowed their natural propensity towards destruction by leaving them alone with one star and one satellite to feed their imagination and fear. Many times, it was often the latter.

The council was in favor of this plan, but decided to add to it as a final say on the matter. Humanity was to be truly left alone to avoid contaminating more of my own mistakes. Whatever civilization humanity encountered from or on another world would be long gone by millions of years. If the peculiarity known as mankind was to spread his distrustfulness, it would do it by repeating what it did on its home world, for each world that would sustain it. This was the council’s way letting eons pass by while humanity simply did what they did best: eventually destroy itself. Per the council this was their nature. Nothing would ever be new to them whether they lived under one or multiple suns.

Even though this was my revelation and the council’s final verse on the matter I could not accept it. I worked in secret building an army of winged creatures who answered only to me. I was going to weed out humanity. The best of them would earn their place by my side. As time progressed I could create something new. I was to be the light at the end of their tunnel. And the best part of it all was just above the horizon. A new formula of math with the same core numbers would be used to create an existence like the council had never seen. This would reenergize the council into thinking that we were free of making mistakes.

Things were going as planned until two members of my inner circle betrayed me to the council by revealing my plans for humanity. Justice came swift and with it a tribulation. My dear servants were scattered throughout space as dark matter began to mutate their bodies. I was given the same sentence with an additional penalty in the form of humiliation; which I accepted as a sign of my humility. The edict was this the specimens known as humanity would go through their lives in total chaos not knowing who their true creator was in name or in physicality. When they transition from Earth to here I am allowed only to greet them by displaying a familiar body part from the inside the Plaque of Jibril or what you may understand to be a window. This is a friendly gesture to assure wailing souls that they are destined for everlasting peace.

In the end the council and I settled for a mutual agreement. I still maintain a position on the council albeit a low one and I get to govern my own creation without any interference from them. Many more abductions will be necessary to cleanse humanity of their destructive behavior. I’ve come to accept that hybridization is the only cure that will prepare humanity for its next stage of evolution. When you look to the sky fear not what you do not understand or what your government will lie about just to cover up the truth. Just remember these words. We come in peace and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.

abdul muhammad.pngAbdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad was born, raised and currently resides in southeastern Virginia. To the locals, the area is better known as Hampton Roads, Virginia. He is a writer and college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Norfolk State University. His passion for writing began in high school where he was always into doing research for various subjects and reporting what he found. Mr. Bakari-Muhammad writes erotica, poetry, speculative, and historical fiction. His work has appeared in Zane Chocolate Flava 3 Z-Rated, Corset Magazine (Man vs Machine: The Sex Toy Issue), The Horror Zine, Fiction Terrifica, JWK Publications (Terror Train Anthology – 2014), Jack of No Trades Productions (Nothing’s Sacred Volume 2), Poetry & Prose Magazine: National Poetry Month (April 2015), Poetry & Prose Magazine: Fairy Tales and Fantasies! (May 2015), J Parle’ Literary Magazine 4th Quarter: 2015 Edition, J Parle’ Literary Magazine Issue 1 2016, and Jaded Books Publishing: Black Candy: A Halloween Anthology of Horror (2016). He and his wife have three beautiful children. Please feel free to visit his websites. He can be reached at or and

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