Roof Walkers, by Aaron Vlek

A meditation on the Hopi Koshare kachina

Hey Zebra Man, what you doing up there?
Comin’ to see you!—
Why you walking on the rooftops?
Comin’ to see you!—
Hey Zebra Man, how come you don’t walk through the front door?—
Because when I come through
the front door, I’m a man.
But when you see me
coming over the rooftops,
I’m from somewhere else.—
Hey Zebra Man, where you comin’ from?—
From the other side,
from the Old Times,
I Come from the Spirit Place.
What are you doing up there Zebra Man?   What can you see?—
I’m looking for signs and signals.
I’m seeing things up here
I just can’t see from the ground.
Hey Zebra Man,
how come you’ve got those
funny striped horns?—
Maybe I make you laugh,  
and maybe you don’t see what I’m working on
till I’m good and ready.—
Hey Zebra Man,
why do you come my
way walking over the roofs?—
So’s I make sure you see me.
So’s I make sure you don’t miss
a single one of my tricks.
Hey Zebra Man,
how come you come my way walking over the roofs?—
So’s I make sure the People see me,
and the Other Ones don’t.
Hey Zebra Man,
who are the Other Ones?—
Shhhhh! You know Who.

Aaron Vlek is a storyteller who works with the trickster mythos in its role as bringer of delight and proponent of disquieting humors. Some of her (yes, her) stories center around the goings on of the jinn, and of a universal imagining of the Native American character, Coyote. Some works are historical in setting while others occupy a contemporary and urban landscape. She also indulges frequently in the reimagining of classic themes of horror and the occult. Aaron is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Domine Canè, a short piece of speculative horror with a historic theme, appeared in the April 2015 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly, Vol. VII, Issue II.  At the Kids’ Table appeared in the 2015 Christmas Edition of Chicken Soup for the Soup. Additional stories have been accepted for publication throughout 2016.

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