Poetry Robot, by James J. Stevenson

They programmed me to watch
through three-hundred-and-sixty-degree eyes
for twenty-four/seven surveillance of the courtyard.

I had no stomach, but felt hunger
no sexual organs, but wanted orgasm
no limbic system, but needed to be loved.

They made my interior hollow as a joke
with only the basic components necessary
for my compositions to be recorded

of adult envy as children chased pigeons
of a final cigarette being discarded
only to be picked up by another’s relapse

my algorithms keeping the beat
of iambs to tell stories
for those too busy living to write.

My poems, stories, and comics have been published in a bunch of anthologies and journals, but the quickest way to see what I’m up to is @writelightning on most social media. I frequently post haiku+photography (often of my Star Wars action figures…) with over 400 in my archive. All my social media links are at writewithlightning.com

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