Flight School, by J.A. Grier

These are the words you chant
to leave the world. You know
this is the only way forward.
You hearken close to hear, to learn.

To leave the world, you know
the words faster than light, antigravity.
You harken close to hear, to learn
more: parabolic orbit, singularity.

The words faster than light, antigravity,
cryogenic, interstellar, space flight,
and more: parabolic orbit, singularity –
they mean everything to you.

A cryogenic interstellar space flight –
this is your only way forward.
It means everything to you.
These are the words you chant.


J.A. Grier is a scientist, educator, poet, and fiction writer who loves hiking, wine tasting, arts and crafts, and cats.  Dr. Grier’s poems and stories have been published in venues such as:  Mad Scientist Journal, Liquid Imagination, Eye to the Telescope, Mirror Dance, and an anthology of the Maryland Writer’s Association entitled Life in Me Like Grass on Fire.  She shares posts and tweets of astronomical facts and strange fictions at jagrier.com and @grierja on Twitter.


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