Coyote’s Ancient Tail, by Aaron Vlek


From the beginning of time,
mankind has heard my laughter.
From the old time,
to this very night.
The bristles on my tail
have been many.
May be that at times
they grow thick and bushy
and I am puffed up with pride
and all kinds of foolishness.
Could be I grow lazy and fat,
sleeping too much in the sun.
And may be, Crow comes by,
sneaks up on me when I’m dreaming,
and steals away with my Medicine sack and I lose ….
Everybody laughs then,
calling me Coyote Foolishness.
I grow thin and wiry
in the lean times.
I run fast and low,
unseen when the Dark Time comes.
Then I see, I hear, I learn much of the
World’s secrets.
And I remember many strange things.
At such times as these,
everybody sings my Ancient Tale.
They smile,
they call me Coyote Wisdom.
You hear my tale,
and still I am laughing.
Come on now,
tell Coyote your own ancient tale,
so we can sit together under the stars
and laugh.

Aaron Vlek is a storyteller who works with the trickster mythos in its role as bringer of delight and proponent of disquieting humors. Some of her (yes, her) stories center around the goings on of the jinn, and of a universal imagining of the Native American character, Coyote. Some works are historical in setting while others occupy a contemporary and urban landscape. She also indulges frequently in the reimagining of classic themes of horror and the occult. Aaron is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College. Domine Canè, a short piece of speculative horror with a historic theme, appeared in the April 2015 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly, Vol. VII, Issue II.  At the Kids’ Table appeared in the 2015 Christmas Edition of Chicken Soup for the Soup. Additional stories have been accepted for publication throughout 2016.

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