Becoming, by Raven Starr

Clawing, scratching, dirt tumbling to the ground.
Growling, moaning, a nasty gurgling sound.
Shhh! Be quiet and hunker down.
They’re coming for you. For me. For everyone.
Rotting flesh, reeking of death,
blood stained clothes, broken fragile bones.
We can fight, but not all of them–I will not die!
But I can’t lie, I am afraid to die!
Don’t let them bite you. One bite, just one scratch and your life is done!
This is a battle that cannot really be won
But we can try.
Oh, wait look out. Here it comes!
Damn, it got you.
Your time has come.
You’re now
becoming one.


Born in rural Tennessee Ms. Raven Starr has been writing since she could hold a pencil. With poetry being her first love this author has also penned two different plays, “The Wrong Choice” and “Running Scared but Free,” in her teen early years living in Connecticut. The Wrong Choice about teen drug abuse showcased twice in New London earned her a spot as the first teen African-American girl to be appointed a seat on the esteemed board at The Thames Valley Council.  Within the year, Ms. Starr explored modelling and nursing and even tested her acting chops by volunteering at acclaimed Eugene O’Neil Theater. In 2004 after the sudden death of her mother, Ms. Starr wrote a poem called. “The Other side,” which was published in the same year earning her a nomination for Poet of the Year for three years in a row. A passion for the written word burns deep inside this author who is steadily working on releasing several different books from different genres, including paranormal, historical and inspirational with even a few horror stories thrown in. Ms. Starr blends intrigue and romance in the worlds she creates. Raven Starr has three beautiful children.

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