Voices and Tarot, by Kally Jo Surbeck (drabble)



Before me lays the spread. My traitorous blood quickens and sweat betrays my dread. How do I give this reading? For she’s in danger still.  The man who sought to silence her is not among the dead.  Her ancestors beg me warn her. He comes and he comes fast. His anger stoked. His rage increased.  If she doesn’t listen. Tomorrow, she’ll too be dead.  He knows her every movement.  He knows where her head lays. Please! They shout from within the void. Stop her from going home! He’s there. He’s there. They shout and scream. The cards, they never lie.

Kally Jo Surbeck is a multi-award-winning best-selling author of several genres.  She has over thirteen books, including participation in several anthologies.   A few of her accomplishments are Colorado Author of The Year, the EPPIE (Excellence in electronic publishing) Action category.  She is also the winner of the Daphne duMaurier in thriller/suspense.  Her poetry was her first writing sale.  Her works are in several different anthologies, commemorative additions, and one is even in the Holocaust Museum. https://www.facebook.com/Kally.Surbeck.Owren

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