What Dolls Eat, by Karen Bovenmyer

Our cat, Puddles, never missed breakfast, until today. When I told my daughter, she said the dolls, which she tucked in their beds each night, were also missing. Puddles loved to play with them—carrying them by the hair, leaving a porcelain hand poking from under the couch or a tiny spikey shoe at the top of the steps. At last, we found them in the 1/12-scale gazebo, sipping plastic red wine. My daughter had forgotten she did not put them away, but that did not explain their sticky hands and faces or the shine in their open, painted eyes.

Karen Bovenmyer trains future professors for Iowa State University and occasionally teaches novel writing and speculative fiction honors seminars. Her dark fantasy and scifi horror stories have appeared in Erin Underwood’s Pop Fic Review, Paul Genesse’s The Crimson Pact series (volumes 3 & 5), Bonnie Stufflebeam’s Art & Words Show (2012 & 2013), The Red Rose Review, The Devilfish Review, Zingara Poet, Festival Writer, and Crossed Genres Magazine. She feels honored to have graduated from the Stonecoast MFA Popular Fiction program in July 2013. http://karenbovenmyer.com/

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