Symbiosis, by Roy C. Booth and Chad Fleagle

The metallic alloy started to spread. The colonel struggled to reach his car in a panic. Two black helicopters hit him with spotlights. Soldiers poured into the parking lot, all wore bio-hazard suits, carrying M-16 rifles.

“Put your hands up,” a sergeant ordered, taking careful aim.

The colonel blinked, then smiled, no longer afraid. “No need for that, soldier,” Colonel Roth said.

“A UFO…and then—”

“We’ve been expecting this.”

“You know?”

“Yes, we know. Feel fortunate, sergeant.”

“Why?” the sergeant asked, now worried and taking a step back.

“In 24 hours you all will no longer be merely human. Rejoice!”

Roy C. Booth is a published author, comedian, poet, journalist, essayist, screenwriter, and internationally awarded playwright with nearly 60 plays published (Samuel French, Heuer, et al) with nearly 800 productions worldwide in 29 countries in ten languages. Also known for collaborations with R Thomas Riley, Brian Keene, Eric M. Heideman, William F. Wu, and others (along with his presence on the regional convention circuit), Roy hails from Bemidji, MN where he also manages Roy’s Comics & Games. See his entry on Wikipedia for more.

Chad Fleagle writes short stories, novellas, and poetry. His work has appeared in Nightmare Illustrated 6 plus two Drabbles. Horror and Science Fiction are his choice genres. When he’s not frightening others or showing them his vision of the future, he’s constantly working on new material.

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  1. A step forward for me.

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