Life on the Dark Side of the Moon, by Michael A. Kechula

“I wonder what it’s gonna be like living on the Dark Side of the Moon?” Harry asked a fellow immigrant on spaceship Resettlement.

“It’ll be far safer than living on Earth.”


“There’s no chance of ever getting attacked by werewolves, because there’s never a full moon.”

“What a relief!   What about vampires?”

“It’s so dark, vampires can’t find anybody’s neck.”

“Makes sense.  How about brain eating zombies?”

“If they can’t see you, they can’t catch you to eat your brains.”

Harry found the passenger’s words extremely comforting, until they landed and he ran into ten hungry zombies carrying flashlights.

Michael A. Kechula’s flash and micro-fiction tales have been published by 150 magazines and 50 anthologies in 8 countries. He’s won 1st prize in 12 writing contests and 2nd prize in 8 others. He’s authored 5 books of flash and micro-fiction tales, including a book that teaches how to write flash fiction. See his publisher’s site at: to read a free story or chapter in all of his books. 

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