Justice, by Kally Jo Surbeck

He was coming and this time was his time. No more naughty sins. He cloyed of the black mark that Death could smell for miles away and she was burning mad. He’d stole from her thirteen souls. No one fucked with Fate. As he skulked into the alley, her powerful hand snaked out to cover his mouth, as he had theirs. Then her cutting shears pierced slowly, layer by layer until at his heart. Her hand muffled his screams of pain. As she finished punching the shears into his heart, she whispered, “As you did, so is done to you.”

Kally Jo Surbeck is a multi-award-winning best-selling author of several genres.  She has over thirteen books, including participation in several anthologies.   A few of her accomplishments are Colorado Author of The Year, the EPPIE (Excellence in electronic publishing) Action category.  Ms Surbeck, was, at that time,  the first woman to have written and won in said category.  She is also the winner of the Daphne duMaurier in thriller/suspense.  Her poetry was her first writing sale at the tender age of twelve.  Her works are in several different anthologies, commemorative additions, and one is even in the Holocaust Museum. https://www.facebook.com/Kally.Surbeck.Owren

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