Issue #16: Shinigami Stories: Reaping the Harvest of Souls—CONTEST ISSUE

skull-220049_1280The stories are read. The judges have voted. And the scores have—FINALLY—been tallied. We received a lot of stories for the Death Reaper contest, but only ten made it past the first round of judging. After the second round, there were close results and the top three stories were only separated by a couple of points each.


  1. “The Calling Card,” by Eric Guignard
  2. “Death’s Goddaughter,” By Deanna Baran
  3. “Springing the Trap,” by Ray Dean

Congratulations to the winning authors and all the writers who contributed to the contest issue.

Stories are listed in the order they ranked in the competition. But keep in mind, all the stories that made it to the second round were excellent tales.

So, sit back and pass some time with some Shinigami…Don’t be afraid, dearies. That number they are holding up is probably not yours. But no matter. We’ll all meet Mr. Grim along our path sooner or later. Hopefully later. Much, much later.

Issue #16: Shinigami Stories: Reaping the Harvest of Souls

The Calling Card, by Eric Guignard

Death’s Goddaughter, by Deanna Baran

Springing the Trap, by Ray Dean

Out of Their Cages, by Rhonda Eikamp

Human Resources, by Luke Robert

Finality, by Bryan Nickelberry

No Reprieve, by Michael A. Kechula

Prepaid Funeral, by Aaron Runyon

Lachesis, by David R. Schulze

Buried in the Fine Print, by Kelly Shackelford

Shinigami StoriJudge’s Bios

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