Waterskins, by Denny E. Marshall

The spacecraft arrives back with a cargo hold full of “humans”. The tall gates of a vast acreage pen opens and they are released. Some stand by the gate stunned while others run into the lush vegetation and hide. Hours later the Zolitec teams venture into the pen to hunt. Zolitecs loved the waterskins sport, either playing or watching on large monitors, it is their second most popular sport. The teams with the most kills win. The prizes include huge trophies, silver, and gold. However, the best part would come afterwards when the Zolitecs would barbecue the waterskins and feast.


Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry and fiction published. Some recent credits include poetry at Kalkion and Aphelion, art at UFO Gigolo and Mystic Nebula and fiction at Black Petals Magazine. He does have a website with some previously published works. The web address for the website is www.dennymarshall.com

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