Verging, by Brian O

Twenty more minutes. Just twenty more. Just – A twig snapped behind Yonin. He whipped his head around and crouched, his half-elf heart pounding. They could smell his elven blood.

He fingered the gun, loaded with its last sunray charge. His breath quickened. His infrasion only revealed flocks of graying trees, glacier-still in the fading darkness.

His nightmare would end in twenty minutes with the first hint of orange in the horizon. For the pack of wyxen pursuing him, daylight was death. The sun’s ascension meant another chance at life for Yonin.

Another twig popped. It was much closer this time.


Brian O is writing a science-fiction/alternate-history novel and is the creative-development lead for the science-fiction RPG INT, which will crowdfund in 2015. In addition to writing lore for INT, he also is writing a serialized graphic-novel tie-in to the game, titled Tens Day.

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