Black Dragons, by Mathias Jansson

On the screen he saw the black hole

Like a forbidden gate to an ancient cave

Rotating, pulsating and glowing

Breaking every known law of nature

After tracking and analyzing the divergent

He had come to a horrifying conclusion

The battleships stood ready and armed

They could arrive at any time


A distortion in the field

As a silent before the storm

Was the only warning they got

Before hell broke loose

Swarm after swarm attacked them

Black dragons of anti-matter

Crawled up from the bottom of underverse


Our missiles created strange phenomena

Bending time and breaking space on impact

Creating rare and unknown particles and elements

Spreading high radiating waves all over the place

We named them hellitrons

These new strange particles that will kill us all

And turning Universe into a dead space


Mathias Jansson is a Swedish art critic and horror poet. He has been published in magazines as The Horror Zine, Dark Eclipse, Schlock and The Sirens Call. He has also contributed to over 50 different horror anthologies from publishers as Horrified Press, James Ward Kirk Fiction, Source Point Press, Thirteen Press etc. Homepage: Amazon author page:

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