You Can Bait a Fool with Water, by David Stewart

“Careful.” (Nervous girlfriend.)

“Don’t worry; it’s got a blindfold on. It can’t see us.” (Cocky boyfriend.)

Just a little closer. (Horse looking at two oblivious humans through the fly-mask.)

“Hey, it’s doing a trick! It’s holding the hose in its mouth.” (Boyfriend, gawking.)

Yes. Trick.

Water splashes on electric fence, splashes on cocky boyfriend. Sizzling, sparking, collapsing, convulsing. Girlfriend runs to help.

More sparking, collapsing, convulsing.

She couldn’t help. Two unconscious humans.

Fall, my dainties, fall. (Horse smiles.)

Snaky tongue emerges from horse’s mouth, dragging unconscious humans under the fence.

Body ripples, teeth and claws grow.

Horse no more.



David Stewart started writing stories with his sisters on long car trips across Canada and the United States. He lives with his wife in Jeonju, South Korea and enjoys tramping around the surrounding mountains, finding fantasy and mystery in unexpected places. Currently, he writes for the fiction blog, The Green-Walled Tower (

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  1. Oh, you surprised me at the end. What a spooky twist.

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