Homecoming, by Gary Hewitt

Sean seizes the radio and peers into the endless distance.

“Joey, I’m airborne.”

“Roger that Sean. This whole damn thing is just plain weird.”

Sean closes the airwaves. His pilot pushes the helicopter onwards. Sean points to the north.

“Take her over there.”

“What are we looking for?”

“The missing ocean. This water must have gone somewhere.”

The sand beneath hardens under the relentless sun. Air drowned fish stare back at the hovering invader. Several flashes from Sean’s camera bear witness to their unfortunate fate.

“What the hell is that Sir?”

Ahead lies a water wall forty foot high. Before the liquid barricade sits a huge tentacle laden beast whose tendrils stretch far across the fresh sand. In the centre of the creature lies a huge eye atop of a malodorous mouth.

“Set her down.”

“Are you serious?”

“I said take her down.”

The helicopter descends. Sean takes several more pictures before jumping from the craft. The pilot remains in his seat.

“What do you think it wants?”

“I have no idea.”

Sean pushes forward. The infandous creature acknowledges his puny existence with a brief blink of its mighty eye. Sean’s knees weaken at the sudden invasion of an ancient mind full of wisdom and malevolence. His life is flushed before the slime ridden behemoth and he retches.

The water wall ripples. Shark crested waves threaten to swirl over the top. Sean understands the creature’s will is all that stands between him and oblivion.

“What do you want? Who are you?” he screams.

“A beholder. We want our home back and you gone,” whispers a jasper streamed voice inside his mind.

The ocean is released. A tentacle seizes Sean and an airtight bubble secures him in an eternal prison. The helicopter is destroyed in a nano second and the tsunami rushes for the east coast. Sean’s last lucid thought repeats over and over: The old gods have returned.


Gary Hewitt is a raconteur who lives in a quaint little village in Kent.  He has written two novels which are currently being edited. His writing does tend to veer away from what you might expect. He has had many short stories published as well as the occasional poem. He enjoys both writing prose and poetry. His style of writing tends to feature edgy characters and can be extremely dark. Some of his influences are James Herbert, Stephen King, Bulgakov, Tolkien to name but a few. He is also a proud member of the Hazlitt Arts Centre Writers group in Maidstone which features an eclectic group of very talented writers. He has a website featuring his published works here: http://ghwt9996.wix.com/tales#!

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