Issue #11: The Day the Zombies Ruled the Earth

Image courtesy of  chrisharvey -

Image courtesy of chrisharvey –

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Were-Traveler!

This holiday we have been overrun with zombies. Zombies have come and their day is at hand.

Among these 16 new zombiocalypse offerings are  stories so sad you’ll get a lump in your throat, funny stories, and stories so scary you’ll sleep with the lights on. (But if the lights are on, the zombies will find you!) We also have some genre-blending stories, mixing genres like horror and fantasy or horror and sci-fi together. Extra Christmas Cookie points to those authors!

As a bonus story, I’ve included a version of a longer short story that I wrote for the Zombie Survival Crew (official online fan club of “The Walking Dead”) and they published it in their first anthology. It’s a story about teenage boys and their RPG zombie game and what happens when zombies get Twitter accounts.


Issue #11: The Day the Zombies Ruled the Earth

29 AZA, by Adam Knight (flash)

The Embers Burn, and Gentle is the Arrow’s Stinging, by Jason Andrew (flash)

Wise Man’s Ending, by Matthew Frassetti (drabble)

Zombie Despair, by Tim Tobin (short story)

Boredom, by Bryan Nickelberry (short story)

Jason and the Zombie, by Bob Simms (flash)

Date Night, by Dana Wright (micro fiction)

Brinker’s Contract, by Michael A. Kechula (short story)

Marital Bliss, by Brian J. Smith (flash)

Safety, by Mac Jones (drabble)

A Light Snack, by Edward Taylor (short story)

Day 39, by Stevenhen Warren (drabble)

Necroambulist: A Story of Discriminating Tastes, by Lori Fetters Lopez (flash)

Onlookers, by Rebecca Gomezrueda (micro fiction)

Precious Cargo, by Michael A. Kechula (micro fiction)

Trap, by Adam Bunnell (flash)

BONUS SHORT STORY: Crunch Time, by Maria Kelly (long short story)

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