Naked Torment, by Audiowriter

I stare out the front window at the overgrown yard. The grass, weeds and shrubs have overtaken the whole place, making passers by think nobody has lived here in decades. Well, at least the old battered house is nearly invisible, except for the weathered shingle roof, and it looks as though it might collapse at any moment. I really should get the mower out, but not today. I need to finish with her before it’s too late. She probably won’t last much longer, and I’m not quite finished getting what I need from her yet. It would be a shame to lose her now, and who knows when I will be able to catch another one.

I hate having to pull extra hard on the basement door because it always gets stuck in the humidity of summer. But I do enjoy that eerie squeak that bellows from the rusty hinges when it finally begins to open. I mostly enjoy these creepy sounds because I know she can hear them, and I think it scares her. I also get a little excited from the creaking boards on the basement stairs, all thirteen of them. It’s funny how they all have a slightly different sound, as if each and every one has an individual personality. I also know this scares the shit out of her because she knows I’m getting closer. She can’t see me when I descend into the basement because I have her blindfolded, and I have a gag tied around her mouth, and she’s tied spread eagle to the dirty mattress on the bed, and she’s completely naked.

The only problem, and the reason for my experiments, is that I have to concentrate extremely hard just to touch her. If I simply reach out my hand, it goes right through her. But, if I focus on her, and only her, she feels of flesh and blood. It’s strange how these creatures from the other side can manipulate their bodies like that.

No, I haven’t raped her, well, not yet anyway. I’m scared to put myself inside her because she can hurt me. She managed to bite my finger yesterday, and I’ll never put anything in her mouth again. No sir, I’ve learned my lesson with this one. She’s a real fighter I tell you.

Today I want to see how well she can see me. I know she can hear me, well, she never responds to my voice, but now I want to know if she can see me. I can always see her, and hear her, but I can only feel her if I concentrate real hard. Now I want to find out if she can see me. I’m reaching to remove the blindfold, and… Damn, my hand went right through her head and touched the greasy pillow. Ok, I need to concentrate. I reach out again… and, there, the blindfold slid off her face! But she’s looking around as if she can’t see me! I see her, so, why can’t she see me? Damn! This is just too fucking weird. I don’t understand. Oh no, she’s starting to cry again. I hope it doesn’t last too long because I hate how it delays my experiments.

Ok, she’s settled down again, I’ll try touching her, and see if she can see me when I make myself able to feel her. I’m reaching out and… Oh, she jumped when I ran my fingers across her bare breast. But damn, she’s looking around like she has no idea of what just touched her. I don’t understand why this, this thing, can’t even see me when I’m touching her. I know she can hear me. Let’s see, I’m moving around to the left side of the bed and now I’m clapping my hands. Yup, she turned her head right toward me, so, I know she can hear me when I make a physical sound, but for some reason she can never hear me talk. I’ve tried interrogating her, but she is either very stubborn or she simply can’t hear my voice.

Ok then, I’ll remove her gag again and see if I can hear her voice. I’m reaching down… and… Damn! My hand went right through her again! Ok, focus, focus, and… ok, the gag is off! Damn! She’s screaming and yelling! Oh, I just about can’t take this. I’ll try yelling back at her,

“Can you hear me? Do you see me?”

No response, she just keeps yelling “HELP ME, PLEASE, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!”

Well, I’ll just focus, and… put the gag back on. There, all quiet again.

It’s so strange how she freaks out when I touch her. She jumps and fights her restraints so violently but she can’t see me.

Ok, what do I know for sure, I can always see and hear her, but I must concentrate extremely hard to feel her. And, she can’t see me, not even when I can feel her, but she can hear my movements but not my voice. It just doesn’t make sense. I mean, if she is a ghost or a spirit, why are the rules so screwed up?

What was that! A sound coming from upstairs! It’s someone knocking on the front door! Who the fuck could be here? Well, I’ll sneak up and see just who has invaded my private property.

Uh oh, they’ve kicked in the front door. They’re in the house! They’re yelling out a name, Lisa. Who the hell is Lisa? Why do they think she’s here? Crap, their searching the house and that won’t take long, and soon they’ll be coming down here! What to do, what to do?

Crap, their trying to get the basement door open. Did I lock it behind me? I don’t fucking remember. Wait a minute, why am I getting all upset. I haven’t done anything wrong. I’m just experimenting with a ghost. They will see her, but when they try to touch her, they will understand what I’ve been doing here.

They’re coming down the stairs. It’s a man with a couple of policemen. I’ll head them off at the bottom of the stairs,

“Hello. I’m Darren. Who is this Lisa person you’re looking for?

Why are they ignoring me? They aren’t even acknowledging I’m here! How fucking rude!

Wait a minute, they can see her and… they can touch her! They’re taking off her restraints! They’re letting her lose! After all the work I did to capture her, they’re letting her go free! Oh God, they must be ghosts too! They can’t see me! They must be from the same place as she! They are invading our world!

Where are they taking her? They’re carrying her up the stairs and out of the house! They can’t do this! It’s my house! My ghost! They can’t do this!

I follow them upstairs and watch them leave in a police car. Oh no, there’s some different men coming toward the house. Who are these guys? What the fuck do they want? What is the equipment in their hands?

They’re inside now, asking questions, pointing things around in different directions. What the hell is going on here? One of them is talking to the wall. What the hell is he saying?

“Is there anyone in here?”

What the fuck is he asking that for? These fucking ghosts are invading my house, my privacy. They’re rude and ignorant. Can’t they see me? Don’t they know I’m right here in front of them? What the fuck is going on?

Another one is talking, chanting, saying,

“We know you are here, Darren. We know you abducted Lisa and tortured her. But it’s time for you to pass on to the other side now.”

What the fuck is this idiot talking about? Saying I need to pass on to the other side, bull shit! He needs to pass on to the other side. This is my house! I’m Darren… Wait a minute! They know my name but I don’t know who these guys are. What the fuck is going on here? How do they know me? Wait, they’re talking again,

“Mr. Clark. Darren Clark. We know you’re here. We only want to help you pass on to the other side. You were murdered in this house five years ago and your spirit has remained here.”

No fucking way! I’m not dead! And if I were, why would I want to leave my own damn house? I feel ok, I like being here. You fucking people can’t make me do anything! I’ll show you what I think of you invading my privacy!

I’ll focus and… yes I’ve got him by the throat. I’ll squeeze the life out of this one. Yea, he’s getting weaker, and weaker. Ah ha, the others can’t touch me because I’m not focusing on them. They are helpless to help their friend. They can only look on in horror as I squeeze the life from his body. Just like… my dad did to me. Oh God! I remember now! That son of a bitch strangled me down in that musty basement that night! Oh God, I remember now!

Oh well! It doesn’t matter! I’m staying here, and if I have to kill these men to get some privacy, so be it!

Yea, this unwelcome invader is almost dead! Just a few more seconds of my hands around his throat…

Ouch! What the fuck just hit me in the back of the head. I turn around to see the faded image of the guy I just strangled, standing behind me, swinging his fists at me. What the fuck? There’s two of him here now, one lying lifeless on the floor and the other one trying to hurt me from behind. How can this be? He must be in my world now! I’ll show that son of a bitch!

We hit each other, hard, but it doesn’t hurt. We exchange punches without effect. He’s the same as me. We’re absolutely equal. Neither of us can hurt the other. Ok, I’ll kill another one of the living men and scare the rest off.

I focus… and I’ve got another one by the neck. Ouch, the dead one hit me again, and I felt it! Damn, I lost my grip on the living one! They’re gathering their things, I think they’re leaving. They’ve picked up the corpse and are taking it too! Good fucking riddance!

Ah ha! The other spirit and I can only hurt each other when distracted. I’ll remember that!

Oh, the dead spirit is trying to leave with his living friends! Ha, ha! He can’t seem to pass beyond the threshold of the front door! Oh no! That means he will be stuck here with me! Aw crap! I wonder for how long? How long will I have to put up with this?

What’s that? He’s talking to me,

“Darren, let’s go into the light, to the other side.”

I tell him to go screw himself! He can go into the light, but I’m staying right fucking here! Ooh, there he goes, up, up, into a bright light. Oh no! It’s sucking me upward too! Fuck that! I don’t want to go! I’ll grab the doorknob and hold on! Damn, the light is powerful, but I think… yea I have managed to remain here, in my house, and the light is finally gone!

I’ll just wait here, looking out the front window, waiting for another nosey, ghostly invader like, Lisa, yea that was her name Lisa.

Damn the grass is getting tall, maybe I’ll get the mower out tomorrow.


Audiowriter is an entrepreneur of many endeavors and a seasoned musician, located in southern Indiana.

 He has an obsessive compulsion to spend every available moment creating written text and audio recordings of melodic musical notes. He currently has several completed novels on the shelf awaiting publication, varying from graphic horror to commercial fiction. Also in his literary arsenal is an abundance of short stories, drabbles and lyrics. Many of his original songs and music are directly inspired by the intriguing tales flowing from his wildly descriptive imagination.

Should you dare to enter the realm of Audiowriter, go to –

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