Issue #9: Crossroads—The Realms of Death

Image credit: © Vitalez -

Image credit: © Vitalez –

This issue is all about ghosts, ghouls, the undead, and the places they haunt.

I’d like to thank all the readers and especially the authors for their patience while I dealt with computer issues these past few months. Hopefully things will go smoother now that my new computer is up and running.

I may be putting out a call for some editorial help in the future. Stay tuned to the website and Twitter. Follow The Were-Traveler on Twitter by clicking on the sidebar on the right.

Meanwhile, I’m currently accepting submissions for the steampunk monster issue and anything listed on the Calls for Submission page.

I hope you enjoy these stories.

Maria Kelly, editor

The Were-Traveler

Crossroads—The Realms of Death

The Girl on the Wall, by Eric J. Krause (flash)

Broken, by Brandon Barrows

Inspiration, by Reed Beebe (drabble)

The Ghouls, by Jarod Anderson (short story)

Naked Torment, by Audiowriter (short story)

What Could’ve Been, by David Edward Nell (flash)

Mother, by Casey Murphy (drabble)

The Sad and Bloody Stones of Kerrigan’s Keep, by Robert E. Furey (short story)

Hell is a Strange Place, by Katie Karambelas (drabble)

The Way Home, by Maria Kelly (flash)

The Reaper’s Shadow, by Audiowriter (flash)

At the Feet of God’s Throne, by Nick Johnson (micro-fic)

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  1. Hi, Maria

    I had a story accepted and it appears to have been left out. Are you holding some stories for a future issue?


    • Brandon;

      I was afraid that Gmail ate some of my emails saved in the submissions folder. Please send me the story again and I’ll get it added to the issue ASAP. Same goes for any author who reads this. If you received an acceptance from me and your story isn’t in the issue, please send me an email including the story again. I had a lot of technical problems when my old computer went down. Missing emails is one problem.

      I apologize, Brandon. I will get your story loaded on the issue as soon as possible when you send it back to me.

      Maria Kelly, editor

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