Hell is a Strange Place, by Katie Karambelas

I’d never seen a haunted house until that moment. I was made a ghost, and I was the one haunting the house. It was the house I’d spent my childhood in.

It was my hell.

My father molested me in that house. I could hear his breathing from the doorway. He was passed out on the couch, a luke warm can of Bud Light attached to his fingertips. I wished desperately that I could shove the can down his throat, crushing it as I did so the metal would slice open his insides.

Maybe then I could rest in peace.


Katie studied screenwriting in college and is hoping to pursue her MFA in creative writing. She has previous works of fiction scheduled to be published in Down in the Dirt, Prospective: A Journal of Speculation andBewildering Stories. She is also a guest blogger for Grads.Co.UK. When not writing, she is busy planning trips for her clients at her travel agency, From Here to There Travel. She currently lives in NC with her husband, son and their dog named Corona.

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