Broken, by Brandon Barrows

Kira leaned against the bathroom sink, carefully avoiding the mirror’s gaze, knowing what she’d see. The unwashed hair, puffy eyes and cracked lips she could handle, could control, if inclined. It was the smile she feared.

That unwholesome smile didn’t belong to her, never appeared on her face, but beamed from her mirror.

Steeling herself, she glanced at the reflection; her own ravaged face grinned maliciously back as it had for months.

Her frustrated fist shot towards the mirror, shattering it.

Wincing, she chanced another look and her heart sank. Even without the mirror, that evil smile remained.

Kira screamed.

Brandon Barrows primarily writes comic books. His award-nominated detective series JACK HAMMER is published by Action Lab Comics, and his sci-fi series VOYAGA by AAM/Markosia. His prose has been published by markets such as Cruentus Libri Press, Fiction365, Linguistic Erosion and Daily Love, and his poetry has been accepted by Scifaikuest. Find more at

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