The Pendulum Swings On and On, by Maria Kelly

I  stand on gray museum marble, watching the pendulum’s parachronistic swing.

A strange desire fills me. I dismiss it as madness.

Sensing movement, I turn. A familiar gaze, like looking at an old mirror, cracked and gray, meets mine. “I’ll see you in twenty years,” he says.

He jumps, gracefully arcing, mounting the oscillating arm like a fireman’s pole. Our mental connection surprises me, then he winks and I understand.

My vardøger fades out of existence.

I replay the scene in my mind over and over, so that when the time comes, I’ll be able to execute it perfectly again.


Maria Kelly lives in Florida where she writes weird shit and publishes The Were-Traveler. Her works have been published in Luna Station Quarterly, Aoife’s Kiss, and with eMergent Publishing. She is currently working on her first short story collection called Kill the Crow, which will be coming out soon. Her website is Her Twitter profile is @mkelly317. She is on Facebook at

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  1. Very well done, Maria. I love the imagery in this drabble.

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