The Cave, by Audiowriter

Three hundred feet down inside this damp, dark abyss, I heard something breathing just up ahead. I shone my headlamp into the blackness, only to see a massive row of menacing razor sharp teeth. I backed away but it slowly advanced, creeping toward me. I tripped on a rock and fell flat on my back, and then it was upon me. Straddling me, its face only inches from mine, breath reeking of rotted meat with sinuous strings of dead flesh hanging from between those savage teeth. I struggled and fought valiantly until my skull finally cracked from deep canine punctures.


Audiowriter is an entrepreneur of many endeavors and a seasoned musician, located in southern Indiana.

 He has an obsessive compulsion to spend every available moment creating written text and audio recordings of melodic musical notes. He currently has several completed novels on the shelf awaiting publication, varying from graphic horror to commercial fiction. Also in his literary arsenal is an abundance of short stories, drabbles and lyrics. Many of his original songs and music are directly inspired by the intriguing tales flowing from his wildly descriptive imagination.

Should you dare to enter the realm of Audiowriter, go to –

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  1. Absolutely disgusting! Way to evoke emotion in me in only 100 words. Fantastic!

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