Stalker, by Audiowriter

The footsteps were almost undetectable at first as I turned back to look down the deserted alley, but no one was there. I began walking a little faster and the footsteps followed suit. I turned again, but still, no one was there. I burst into a full out run with the footsteps clomping harder and faster right behind me. I turned again, but still, no one was there. I stopped dead in my tracks, and before I could turn my head, I felt a slight sensation upon the front of my neck, and blood began gushing out, soaking my shirt.


Audiowriter is an entrepreneur of many endeavors and a seasoned musician, located in southern Indiana.

 He has an obsessive compulsion to spend every available moment creating written text and audio recordings of melodic musical notes. He currently has several completed novels on the shelf awaiting publication, varying from graphic horror to commercial fiction. Also in his literary arsenal is an abundance of short stories, drabbles and lyrics. Many of his original songs and music are directly inspired by the intriguing tales flowing from his wildly descriptive imagination.

Should you dare to enter the realm of Audiowriter, go to –

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  1. Woah! That’s crazy. Nice drabble.

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