Issue 8: Tiny Tall Tales—Drabble Issue #2

© drizzd -

© drizzd –

We’ve got a total of twenty-five 100-word stories in this issue and all of them are worth a read. The authors drabbled about everything from a government of monsters to a video game gone wrong. All in one hundred words. From a parallel vision of technological heaven and hell, a most unusual time traveling device,  the strangest murder weapon ever conceived, what really happened to the King…and two stories with doppelgängers…sort of.

There’s a drabble here for everyone to enjoy.

Drabble on.

Issue 8: Tiny Tall Tales—Drabble Issue #2

The Monster Parliament, by Reed Beebe

Roadside Vendor, by Jaimie Engle

Swamplands, by Paul D. Brazill

A Good First Impression, by Grove Koger

Stalker, by Audiowriter

Last Boss, by Troy Neenan

Forbidden Fruit, by Nick Johns

Death by Banana, by Rachel Green

The Pendulum Swings On and On, by Maria Kelly

The Cave, by Audiowriter

duel, by Reed Beebe

Small Things, by E.A. Fow

Cornered, by Laura Matheson

A Pint of Blood, by Michael A. Kechula

The Award, by Tim Tobin

The Crystal Chamber, by Maria Kelly

Buried, by Audiowriter

Broken, by Tobi Summers

Determined, by Stephanie Wright

A Deep Cut, by Michael A. Kechula

Immune, by Kevlin Henney

Comet, by Audiowriter

Kitchen Advice, by Dawn Nikithser

Aftermath, by Philip Harris

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  1. I have to say, after reading all 25 drabbles, I count it a privilege to be published among such talented writers. Thanks, Maria, for including me in this issue!

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