duel, by Reed Beebe

duel. The wizards Valerian and Agathias began their battle. Ancient Valerian, his long white beard blown wildly by the winds conjured by his young, beardless opponent, used a counter-spell to knock Agathias to the ground. Reciting spells, Valerian raised his arms, ready to deliver a death blow to his arrogant former apprentice, but the cunning Agathias hurled a lightning bolt through his old mentor’s heart. Agathias stood over the dying wizard, but could barely hear Valerian’s curse, binding him forever to this moment. Leaving Valerian, as he always did and would, Agathias forgot his curse as he prepared for the


Reed Beebe writes fiction and poetry in Kansas City, Missouri.  His stories have been published by The Were-TravelerFlashes in the Dark, and Fever Dreams.

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