Broken, by Tobi Summers

He’d been a werewolf for less than sixteen hours, and he already had a broken arm. Wyatt shuddered to think about what damage he could do to himself in six months.

“Are you done fighting yet?”

The boy’s voice was cold and business-like from outside the cage, and it made Wyatt’s cheek twitch. “Go to hell.”

A shrug. The boy didn’t look like he felt threatened.

“I’ll kill you,” Wyatt growled.

The boy’s eyes flicked to the padlock and he raised an eyebrow. “Probably not. But I’ll bet you can break the other arm trying.”

And sure enough, Wyatt did.


Tobi is a writer who daylights at a legal publishing company. She loves long walks on the beach, the beautiful music a well-crafted sentence makes, and grammatical constants. She has been seriously writing since she was 12, and she is currently putting the finishing touches on her first novel. You can visit her blog at

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  1. Cool. I like this drabble a lot!

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