A Good First Impression, by Grove Koger

At first the light was blinding, and we stumbled about with our eyes squeezed shut. What a sorry bunch we must have looked after all that time—disheveled, disoriented, most of us gibbering like fools. But I knew the importance of making a good first impression. Squaring my shoulders and shooting my dingy cuffs, I put on my broadest smile and stepped forward to greet the startled young woman.

“Please forgive our appearance,” I began. “We’ve been locked away forever, and all this will take some getting used to! But I’m forgetting myself. My name’s Plague. And you must be Pandora!”


Grove Koger works as an adjunct reference librarian at Albertsons Library, Boise State University. He is the author of a survey of travel literature, When the Going Was Good (Scarecrow Press, 2002), and has published short fiction in Death Head Grin, Phantasmacore, Bewildering Stories, Eternal Haunted Summer, Lacuna, and Scareship.

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  1. Cool ending. Didn’t see that coming.

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