A Deep Cut, by Michael A. Kechula

Harry missed his dead wife.

A voodoo priestess offered to resurrect her for $5,000 and the tip of Harry’s thumb.

He agreed.

Slicing Harry’s thumb, she performed weird rituals with his bloody flesh.

His wife’s putrid corpse materialized at midnight. She kissed Harry with lips leaking green goo. Horrified, he shouted, “Begone, foul spirit!”

“I cannot, unless I take freshly butchered human flesh to feed Hell’s Gate Keeper.”

“Take my finger.” Harry gave her a cleaver.

Her chop stuck so swiftly, he felt no pain in his hand.

Then he realized she’d amputated something far more precious than a finger.


Michael A. Kechula’s flash and micro-fiction tales have been published by 150 magazines and 50 anthologies in 8 countries. He’s won 1st prize in 12 writing contests and 2nd prize in 8 others. He’s authored 5 books of flash and micro-fiction tales, including a book that teaches how to write flash fiction. See his publisher’s site at:http://www.booksforabuck.com/ to read a free story or chapter in all of his books. 

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  1. Oh crap, no you didn’t go there! Love it. Very clever ending. Lol…

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