Revenge, by KR Smith

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As it was foretold, I am awakened from my slumber by the faithful followers of Isis, rising again to reign over what once was mine. My dry bones move slowly, deliberately, through the dark tunnels, through the dusty passages, until I reach the realm of mortals. As my ancient eyes reopen to see what has become of my kingdom, I am not pleased. The warmth of the sunlight upon my parched flesh renews my desire to rule this new world and destroy the descendants of my enemies. I have paid my price in death; now it is time for them.


K. R. Smith is a full-time Information Technology Specialist and a part-time writer, frustrated by his inability to get any meaningful programming code to rhyme and still function properly. While mainly interested in writing short stories of the horror genre, he occasionally delves into poetry, songwriting, and the visual arts. His escapades may be followed by reading his blog at

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