Are You My Mummy?

© Igor Kovalchuk -

© Igor Kovalchuk 

The ancient Egyptians were some creepy people.

When you died, they didn’t just bury you…they preserved their dead in a most delicate way. They had a strong belief in the afterlife. But it makes you wonder, the Egyptian mummification process. Did they expect their dead loved ones to return?

Who knows?

I asked writers to think about this and other ideas concerning mummies for this month’s issue.

The result was some pretty damn weird and scary tales. There are a couple of genre-blender stories; where horror crashes into alternate history and science fiction.


Maria Kelly, Editor

The Were-Traveler

***NOTICE: I’m considering taking artwork for some upcoming issues. If you’re a new artist and would like something to put on your CV, read over the Calls for Submissions page and send me some of your work. I can’t afford to pay you, but if I select your work, I’ll give you proper credit and a mention in the issue, complete with links where possible paying clients can contact you.***

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