Nearby Wolf Packs, by Tim Tobin

As the starship settled into orbit around the newly discovered planet, the captain ordered active sensors turned on. Within minutes reports of farming and ranching communities reached his desk. People, sheep and cattle were abundant. Wolves packs were also detected nearby.

The executive officer noted that the planet seemed perfect. His commander grunted in agreement.

The captain configured the ship for stealth approach and ordered the landing protocol.

When his ship was safely on the ground the captain approved shore leave. As the hatches opened the crew emerged, morphing into howling werewolves with a whole new world available to them.


Mr. Tobin holds a degree in mathematics from LaSalle University. He retired from L-3 Communications after a career in software engineering. His Christmas stories The Legend of Christmas PastFred the Christmas Dog, and A Soldier’s Christmas will be published late in 2012. The Knock on the Door appears in A Fistful of Horror, an anthology from Cruentus Libri Press. Cramer appears in I’ll Never Go Away, an anthology from Rainstorm Press. Winds of Winter appears in The Speculative Edge and The Black Pumpkin appears in 31 More Nights of Halloween, an anthology from Rainstorm Press. His story, Chuckles, was podcast by The Electric Chair on October 14, 2012. He is a member of the South Jersey Writer’s Group.

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