Issue 6: Big Bad Wolf in a Big Bad Universe

© Dusan Kostic

© Dusan Kostic

The Were-Traveler Issue is Born

Canis Major, by Melissa Crory (Flash)

Legend of the Amatshotsho, by David Edward Nell (Short Story)

The Last King of the Werewolves, by Christopher Bleakley (Short Story)

A Werewolf Finds Her Paradise, by Reed Beebe (Drabble)

Obituary, by Dawn Nikithser (Micro-fiction)

Nearby Wolf Packs, by Tim Tobin (Drabble)

Going Home, by by K.R. Smith (Short Story)

The Road of Yellow Brick, by Reed Beebe (Drabble)

Cosmic Lycanthrope, by Audiowriter (Short Story)

Unanswered Prayers, by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt (Drabble)

Werewolf in Space, by Robert Lee Frazier (Short Story)

Point Towards Enemy, by Reed Beebe (Drabble)

For Charlie, by David Edward Nell (Short Story)

Changed, by Margaret Glover (Drabble)

No Vacancy, by Jonathan Ems (Flash)

Mackenzie’s Lot, by Jack Rousseau (Micro-fiction)

The Lame Thing, by  Lesa Pascavis Smith (Short Story)

The Battle, by Michael A. Kechula (Flash)

Big, Bad Wolf, by Matt Cushing (Short Story)

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