Cosmic Lycanthrope, by Audiowriter

The year is 2057. There is a long anticipated celebration underway on this dark night in a small village near Eastern Romania in central Transylvania. This remote, primitive village has been all but forgotten by the modern world. The main street is a narrow cobblestone path running the full length of the ancient town with precariously built mud and brick shops lining both sides of the passage. The two story structures block out the beaming full moon, leaving the corridor mostly dark, except for single flaming torches jutting up from rusted metal sconces near occasional doorways. A thin layer of smoke floats in the cool air, slightly burning the eyes and throat, as it slowly billows from the burning torches and small square chimneys to hang low in the street. The road is slick and glistening from discarded soiled water with darkened areas of rotting table scraps and clumped wet ash, seeming to sprout from the flat stones. The odor of rotting food rises up and mixes with the smoke to further make the air thick and pungent.

The street is packed on both sides with poverty stricken peasants dressed in tattered rags, loudly yelling out profanities and throwing stones at a creature being dragged along the narrow path of cobblestones. Six strong men, three in front and three in back, are pulling the beast with long thick, taught and clanging chains. The tall muscular animal is covered in thick, matted dark brown fur but its features are somewhat a blur as it jerks and twists and turns, trying to free itself from its captors. The creature resembles a grizzly bear, reared up on its hind legs with rear claws clicking and scratching the stony road in stubborn rebellion. The beast fights against the procession of determined men by snapping its lengthy jaws of gleaming sharp teeth at anyone nearby. The long claws at the end of its powerful arms swipe through the air, trying to slash anyone in its path. The townspeople continue to bombard the beast in fearful aggression as it howls in anger when stone after painful stone strikes its body and head.

Suddenly a layer of high clouds rolls in and blocks the beaming light of the full moon and a loud howl echoes loudly through the narrow street as the beast instantly falls to its knees, then over onto its side. It twists and turns, screaming and howling as if being struck from within by tremendous pain. Then the air goes eerily silent except for a few clambering stones clacking along the street as all movement ceases. As the creature eventually lies still, the thick fur begins falling off its body, piling up all around its trembling shape. Its enormous jaws shrink, its huge muscles miraculously reduce into normal human size. Then it becomes a man, a regular size man with pale white skin and looking frail, it has somehow transformed into a human being. This naked man begins shivering in the frigid air, his bare skin lying on the cold, dirty cobblestone street, making the gawking onlookers almost feel pity for this now obviously fragile man.

This beast had finally been captured after nearly a decade long killing spree of horrific, bloody murders every full moon. But it was over now. The beast was subdued and secured. After a lengthy investigation, his name was discovered to be Zack Polanski. He had been subjected to the bite of another beast ten years earlier and that beast had been killed just days after that long forgotten attack.

The World Justice Organization forced the beast, or Zack, to enlist with the International Voyager Starfleet to remove him from the effects of the Earth’s full moon on his body. He would no longer be able to transform into the murderous beast known as a Werewolf. The starship left the Earth and was speeding through space, quickly approaching the side of Mars facing the sun. As it flew nearer, Zack suddenly began feeling the unwanted and painful metamorphosis into the savage, blood thirsty creature he was trying to avoid. It all happened very quickly and once fully transformed, he instantly began mauling the captain to bloody death with his three inch razor sharp teeth and jagged curving claws. Blood was splattered around the entire helm of the ship, with Zack, or rather the beast, covered in red crimson blood that dripped heavily from his teeth and claws. The captain’s mutilated body lay on the metal floor. His head was nearly decapitated and his entrails were spilling out of a huge gash in his mangled torso. Then, as the starship rounded the dark side of the planet, Zack quickly changed back into his human form.

He was quickly subdued and locked away in the bowls of the ship as the scientific crew discussed the disturbing situation. Dr. Jerry Frank was head of the biological team and said to the other scientists sitting around the large oval table in the conference room,

“It seems that it isn’t just the reflection of sun light off of the Earth’s moon that causes this evil metamorphosis to occur. It seems that any celestial planet or mass that reflects the suns light in a full phase will cause Mr. Polanski to become a Werewolf!”

The team reached a decision. They collectively agreed that killing him was against their scientific morals, and since he was, after all, partially human, they instead decided to set him cosmically adrift in one of the small escape pods.

They made sure the starship was on the dark side of Mars when they brought Zack up from his armored cell from a lower deck. They placed him, along with all of the food and water that would fit, into the tiny escape pod.

Zack completely understood the situation. He didn’t want to endanger anyone else and agreed to be set adrift out in the middle of the solar system. Dr. Frank told Zack that the World Justice Organization had been notified of the situation and that if he guided the pod anywhere near Earth, it would be destroyed by the Starfleet Military Department.

Zack and the men sending him off stared at each other through the small circular windows between the starship dock and the pod. Then, just as the pod left the dock, something happened. Zack began feeling the unmistakable discomfort of the evil transformation once again unwillingly gripping his body. The scientists could see that something was happening inside the small pod. Zack’s body involuntarily began to spasm in torturous pain as the metamorphosis commenced.

Dr. Frank was dumbfounded. He wondered why this was happening. There were no celestial planets anywhere in the vicinity. Then it hit him. It was the starship reflecting the sunlight causing the reaction. Dr. Frank realized that it didn’t have to be a planet or even a natural celestial object reflecting the suns light to be the catalyst. The starships entire right side was reflecting the sun back onto the pod. That was it! Any amount of empty terrestrial space between Zack and the reflected sunlight from a full phase mass would induce the wicked metamorphosis!

But it was too late. Zack had already transformed into the murderous beast, but he was secure in the pod, right? There was no way for him to get back into the starship, was there?

The group of scientists instinctually backed away from the small window in utter fear. Dr Frank remained at the glass to witness the events. Zack went mad in the small interior of the pod. His transformed body had taken up most of the available empty space within the confined pod and he was slashing and biting at anything and everything within the small capsule.

He must have accidentally pressed against the steering apparatus and the pod lunged toward the starship resulting in a tremendous collision. The pod slammed into the docking platform and bounced back, then lunged again, striking the dock door with another horrendous impact.

Before the order could be given for the starship to accelerate away, the pod became entangled with the docking mechanism. The pod was now being pulled by the ship. The beast inside had become somewhat calmed down and slightly tilted its head, looking through the small circular window, directly into the frightened and widened eyes of Dr. Frank. Their faces were less than a foot apart with the two separate layers of glass between them. The huge brown eye of the beast seemed to look directly into the soul of the now trembling Dr. Frank.

Then, the beast slammed its fist hard into the glass, causing it to crack. Then another strike and the crack grew larger. Then one more hit and the glass blew out of the pod window. Air blasted from the pod and out into empty space. The beast slammed its battered fist through the hole of the now missing pod window and into the glass of the starship window, again and again, savagely trying to gain entrance. Then the glass cracked. The air began to rush out of the ship with a loud, sharp whistling sound. Then, with one last blow, the glass broke and the beast rammed his arm through the hole, managing to grab a hold of Dr. Frank’s wrist. The Dr. frantically tried to get away, but the beast pulled his arm out through the hole into the pod window and then savagely bit him on the hand.

Just then, another crew member grabbed Dr. Frank’s arm and helped him pull it back inside the ship. Both men could see the effects of the vacuum of space begin to take the life out of the beast and it finally fell out of sight down onto the pod floor.

After several tense minutes of waiting, they finally used the remote controlled robotic arm to dislodge the pod from the docking platform.

Once it was dislodged, the operator of the robotic arm then asked,

“Should I just let the pod go out into space?”

Dr. Frank looked at his mangled hand and firmly replied,


The pod was released and Dr. Frank and the crew watched in silence as it slowly tumbled toward the dark surface of Mars. The starship then resumed its mission that was to take it out to the edge of the solar system.

Three days later, Starfleet Command, back on Earth, received a video transmission from the Starship, coming from somewhere near Saturn. It made no sense. The communications officer, Lt. Jenny Thames, was crying and screaming hysterically as a tremendous commotion was loudly audible in the background. Thames’s transmission was quite broken up but a few clear images of her distraught and terrified face reimbursed her deeply emotional pleas for help because she claimed that Dr. Frank had went mad and had killed the rest of the crew. She insisted that he had become an animal and was trying gain entry into the locked communications room. Then the door was suddenly breached and a huge brown, hairy hand with long claws grabbed her neck from behind. Then all transmissions ceased from the starship and it did not reply to any radio attempts.

Oddly, two days later, a small colony of seven members that had been stationed on Mars for the past several months sent a similar video transmission. However, the Mars transmission was clear and had apparently been taken from several security camera recordings from different locations around the few structures that made up the colony. The images were short but very revealing. A monstrous, hairy creature had horrifically mutilated every member of the colony in a violent, angry rage. The bodies were ripped and torn apart in a bloody massacre throughout the colony buildings. Then, the very last image was of a large brown eye staring defiantly close to the security camera lens and a bone chilling howl echoed just before a violent blow smashed the camera into transmitting only a bland, static screen.


Audiowriter is an entrepreneur of many endeavors and a seasoned musician, located in southern Indiana.

 He has an obsessive compulsion to spend every available moment creating written text and audio recordings of melodic musical notes. He currently has several completed novels on the shelf awaiting publication, varying from graphic horror to commercial fiction. Also in his literary arsenal is an abundance of short stories, drabbles and lyrics. Many of his original songs and music are directly inspired by the intriguing tales flowing from his wildly descriptive imagination.

Should you dare to enter the realm of Audiowriter, go to:

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