A Werewolf Finds Her Paradise, by Reed Beebe

The smell of ozone (an aftereffect of the tranship’s quantum punch into a new dimension) usually assaulted Artemis’ keen lycanthropic senses, its absence a good sign.

“Ship, report.”

“Processing,” said the tranship’s A.I. system. According to the ship’s instruments, Artemis had landed somewhere near where Chicago would be located on her Earth. Looking outside the ship, she admired the night sky’s stars. Back home, the Moon would be out now. She would be howling at it, her human body covered in lupine fur.

“Parallel Earth 1576899 has no natural satellites,” reported Ship.

Finally, she thought. An Earth without a Moon.


After years of hunting monsters and fighting ninjas, globetrotting adventurer Reed Beebe has retired to a quiet Kansas City, Missouri neighborhood to write fiction and poetry. He is still trying to figure out Twitter, but if you’re patient and forgiving, you can follow him at http://twitter.com/ReedBeebe

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